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Please click here to book tickets for a MASTERCLASS nearest to your town.

Willem Botha is mostly known as a singer, TV presenter and actor in the Afrikaans entertainment industry. 

For the past decade, Willem’s love for photography has enjoyed much public attention and people are often blown away by his sheer talent to transform his models and flatter their best features. 

His photography demanded that his models be captured in a certain way and not merely “photoshopped” or edited to look their best.


The desire for beauty also effects confidence, which is clearly portrayed visually in photos and positively reflects in people’s daily lives.

Willem's passion for makeup contributed to his growing knowledge of the skill, making him a true artist in the field. Being self-taught, Willem spends much of his free time exploring the world of makeup artistry. As an ever changing trade, makeup artistry demands keeping up to date with new techniques, tools and trends adopted by international artists. Willem has, for the past decade, perfected his craft for makeup-artistry and continues to eagerly learn more every day.


“Seeing how women transform into the most confident version of themselves is what prompted me to engage in makeup masterclasses. I realised that I could reach and educate a wider audience using this opportunity.  I don’t just want to beautify others, I want to enable others to feel confident when applying makeup on themselves and others. Of course, I provide tricks on how to use Willem Botha Beauty makeup to your best advantage. Whether you want to contour your nose, flatter your wrinkles or learn how to apply foundation flawlessly, the masterclass is for everyone! Proving that Beauty has no age limit.”  - Willem


With the help of CO Productions, Willem has presented Masterclasses since 2020. With more than 24 years’ experience in managing artists and events,  CO Productions is a trusted friend, partner and takes care of all the challenges associated with event planning and stage production. 


Whether you want to learn more about makeup artistry or simply attend a fun day-out with friends, we highly recommend the masterclass for every women, girl and man passionate about makeup or looking good. 


The entire Willem Botha Beauty product range will also be available for purchase, presenting you with and exciting opportunity to stock-up and LET THE BEAUTY IN YOU BEGIN!


Please keep a lookout on Willem Botha Beauty (Instagram & Facebook) showcasing upcoming events and providing information on where and when to purchase tickets.

Should you be savvy business lady wanting to host a masterclass event please contact CO Productions, who will provide you with all the necessary information and guidance on hosting a Makeup-masterclass event in your town.

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