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Over the last decade Willem Botha has elevated his photography to that befitting for celebrities, beauty queens and cover stars.

His love for makeup artistry was born from his desire to capture his subjects on camera in a certain way.

His photos demanded makeup that would photograph intensely and beautifully. And so, the love affair with makeup began.

Despite his growing popularity, Willem still loves transforming everyday women into the most confident, brightest and beautiful versions of themselves.

"To see the confidence when someone realises they too can look like a movie star is still one of the most satisfying rewards for me." - Willem

In the joint pursuit to introduce makeup products of quality without sacrificing an ethical belief, all products are vegan, cruelty- and paraben-free.

Co-founded by Willem Botha and partners, WILLEM BOTHA BEAUTY is born and we can’t wait to... let the beauty in you begin!

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